Fuvahmulah Latest Covid19 Updates

Current Situation of Fuvahmulah City

  • Shops needs to adhere strictly to HPA guidelines while giving service.

  • Hotel, café and food vendors opened for dining in and can only operate within HPA guidelines.

  • Students can attend classes in person and strict adherence to HPA guidelines will be implemented.

Fuvahmulah EOC


Social Support Desk
Contact Tracing
Rapid Response Team
Fuvahmulah Hospital
Medical assitance for those in quarantine
Fuvahmulah Police Station
Fuvahmulah Fire Station


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How can I travel from an island that is under monitoring to Fuvahmulah?

How can I travel from an Island that is NOT under monitoring to Fuvahmulah?

What are considered emergency needs?

How do houses under monitoring, isolation and quarantine safely dispose waste?

For the safety of everyone, lets mask up!